Wintertime Wasteland Block

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The Wintertime Wasteland Block is the second block of Riot Quest. It consists of the initial starter box, 24 heroes, 6 expansion, and 5 promos.

Heroes Class Gear Wave
Boomhowler the Destroyer Fighter Scrizapper Wave 0 (Core)
Shivers Guard Polarity Disorganizer Wave 0 (Core)
Stonecold Black Bella Rogue Rocket Skis Wave 0 (Core)
Yssylla Specialist Rhulic Grade Explosives Wave 0 (Core)
Yuri the Hunter Gunner Projectile Scope Wave 0 (Core)
Dez and Gubbin, Dynamite Duo Rogue Gunner Cooler Key Wave 1
Kogan the Exile Fighter Wurmwood Sapling Wave 1
Ol' Grim Scout Permanent Eraser Wave 1
Stone Lord Guvul Godor Fighter Pommel-Mounted Oraculus Wave 1
Underboss Vizkoya Rogue Mimic Sequencer Wave 1
Gudrun the Wasted Scout Umbrean Memento Wave 1
Bulkhead Guard Power Sled Wave 1
Captain Karli Gunner Ration Dispenser Wave 1
Lynda the Forgotten Specialist Scrapbook Wave 1
Major Aline Bennet Scout Fuel-Injection Girdle Wave 1
Bumbles Guard Laser Muzzle Wave 1
Dreyfus & Flubbin, Storm Patrol Guard Scout The Confiscator Wave 2
Tubbin Guard Migraine Engine Wave 2
Mekanolyth Scout Quiver of Aggression Wave 2
The Living Covenant Specialist Mikael's Mask Wave 2
Malvin, Revenge Artist Rogue Snow Ball-istics Wave 2
Widget, Mathlete Archeologist Gunner Clockwork Stilts Wave 2
Princess Delores Graciela Gunner The Problem Solver Wave 2
Karchev & Deathjack, Malignant Fusion Fighter Specialist Nightmare Fuel Wave 2

Note: Core Box gear is not assigned to a specific hero.

Castle of the Dark Prince Map
Bounty Deck 4
Bounty Token Expansion
Heist Expansion
Karchev & Deathjack Boss Fight Expansion
Mekanofactory Map
Promo Cards
Mechanikal Maniak
Wold Bodyglove
Hellslinger's Memory
Dragonscale Slippers
Organized Play Exclusives Kit