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You can purchase the Warder in the Privateer Press Store.
You can purchase the Warder Variant in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Marcher Worlds Attachment

Unit Stats

* 3 3 3 3

Deployment Cost


Base Size

30 mm




Ranger Fire Team
Ranger Heavy Support
Ranger Infiltrators

Special Rules

Apotropaic Reactor: When an enemy attack or special rule would cause a Cypher on this squad to expire, this model can spike to keep the Cypher from expiring.
Arc Disruptor: While this model is charged, models in this unit add two power dice to defense roles against Fury attacks.
Arc Exchange: You can charge this model with up to 1 Arc at the start of its activation if it is not already charged. Additionally, you can clear any amount of Arc from this model at the end of its activation.


Name Attack Type Damage Type Range POW
Handgun Ranged Ballistic 8 3


Warder was released during the Collision Course Kickstarter.


The Warder is a wyrd, a human born with the ability to sense and manipulate Arc. Though much weaker than those born with a more intuitive command of arcane forces, such as theurges and warcasters, the wyrds’ capabilities enable them to counter opposed magical forces on the battlefield. For reasons not yet entirely understood but possibly linked to unique mining techniques, some Marcher Worlds are given to high percentage of wyrd births. Many of these children are trained in the use of their limited talents and inducted into the Ranger forces at an early age. Equipped with specialized mechanika to increase these powers, such individuals serve as Warders, whose role is to defend their squads against the disruptive Furies of their enemies.