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Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika was first released as a Kickstarter for the initial three factions, Aeternus Continuum, Iron Star Alliance, and Marcher Worlds. You can view the Kickstarter here.


Each faction received 2 squads, 2 warjacks, at least 3 solos, and 1 Hero. Iron Star Alliance received the first unit Attachment in place of one of their solos. 3 Wild Card solos were also released, with 2 working for each faction.

Name Faction Type
Grafter Aeternus Continuum Solo
Hierotheos Raxis Aeternus Continuum Solo Hero
Immortal Weaver Aeternus Continuum Solo
Marauder Aeternus Continuum Solo
Vassal Reavers Aeternus Continuum Squad
Vassal Witch Hunters Aeternus Continuum Squad
Scourge Aeternus Continuum Warjack
Nemesis Aeternus Continuum Warjack
Justicar Voss Iron Star Alliance Solo Hero
Paladin Commander Iron Star Alliance Solo
Paladin Weaver Iron Star Alliance Solo
Paladin Annihilators Iron Star Alliance Squad
Paladin Enforcers Iron Star Alliance Squad
Paladin Aegis Iron Star Alliance Attachment
Firebrand Iron Star Alliance Warjack
Morningstar Iron Star Alliance Warjack
Artemis Fang Marcher Worlds Solo Hero
Coalition Weaver Marcher Worlds Solo
Combat Engineer Marcher Worlds Solo
Hunter Marcher Worlds Solo
Ranger Fire Team Marcher Worlds Squad
Ranger Heavy Support Marcher Worlds Squad
Dusk Wolf Marcher Worlds Warjack
Strike Raptor Marcher Worlds Warjack
Baron Cassius Mooregrave Wild Card Solo Hero
Captain Jax Redblade Wild Card Solo Hero
Voitek Sudal, Bounty Hunter Wild Card Solo Hero