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Rules FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions : Applying System Failure
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Q: What happens when a model is affected by the melee System Failure Continuous Effect and gains another System Failure continuous effect?
A: A model can only have one of each type of continuous effect on it at a time. A model cannot gain another instance of this continuous effect regardless of it applying to ranged or melee attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions : Multiple Attachments
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Q: Can I add two or more different attachments to a squad, for example, a Raker and The Quartermaster to the same Vassal Reavers squad?
A: Yes, you can add as many different attachments to a squad that are allowed to attach to it. Deployment Costs for the squad and all attachments are paid to deploy the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions : Attachments Greater Than One Model
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Q: When Witch Hounds are added to a squad, is the +1 Deployment Cost for 1 model or 3 models?
A: When you add an attachment to a squad, you the full model count of the attachment. For the Witch Hounds, you add 3 models to the squad for +1 Deployment Cost.

Frequently Asked Questions : Dual Weapons (2X)
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Q: What does the 2X mean in front of a weapon name?
A: 2X shows that this unit has two instances of the same weapon.