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You can purchase Scythe in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Aeternus Continuum Vehicle

Unit Stats

8 4 3 3 4

Deployment Cost


Base Size

80 mm





Weapon Points


Weapon Selection

Heavy Displacer
Heavy Stinger
Hollowphage Cannon


Flight: This model has Flight.

Special Rules

Phase Stalker: Once per activation, this model can spike to use Phase Stalker. When it does so, it can immediately move up to 3" and then make one attack.
Scything Run: After advancing during its activation while charged, this model can make one melee attack against each enemy model it moved over while advancing.


Name Attack Type Damage Type Range POW
Heavy Fusion Blade Melee Kinetic 2 5


Force the Engine: This model gains +4 SPD this activation, but suffers 1 damage point.
Low Flying: This model loses Flight and Scything Run but gains +1 power dice on attack rolls against models without Flight. This Maneuver expires at the end of this activation.
Wing Roll: When this model is missed by an attack, after the attack is resolved, this model can immediately make an attack targeting the model that missed it. This Maneuver expires at the start of this unit’s next activation or immediately after this model makes an attack as a result of Wing Roll.


Scythe was released during the Collision Course Kickstarter.


A truly cantankerous workhorse, the Scythe is a fearsome aerial combat vehicle developed by the Aeternus Continuum. Despite some unevenness in flight, the Scythe is capable of remaining combat ready and effective even in the face of structural damage that would cripple a lesser vehicle. With its weapons mounted on its wings, the Scythe features a unique rolling or flipping wing design that allows the pilot to change the configuration of its armament in the midst of battle. This armament consists of a brutal fixed fusion blade on one wing paired a modular hardpoint on the other. It is the this fixed wing blade that gives the Scythe its name. The potent and reckless weapon is designed to cleave through both enemy craft and the troops who dare face the Continuum in battle. The modular hardpoint can be equipped with a variety of weapon options, including a Heavy Displacer, Heavy Stinger Cannon, and a Hollowphage Cannon.