Tuner (MonPoc)

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You can purchase the Tuner in the Privateer Press Store.

Grunt Stats

Faction and Type

Masters of the 8th Dimension Grunt Unit


5 3 1

Special Rules

Action: Transpose: During your Unit Activation, this model can spend one Action Die to perform a Transpose action. Choose two units within three spaces of this model and swap their positions.
All-Terrain: This model treats rough terrain as open terrain while advancing.
Hover: This model can move into and end its movement on impassable terrain.
Maximize: Once per turn, if you roll two or more Action Dice on an attack made by an allied unit within two spaces of this model, after the attack is resolved you can move one Action Die from your Monster Pool to your Unit Pool.
Unstable Reality: Enemy units cannot move through this model or models adjacent to it. Enemy units are not immune to hazards adjacent to this model.