The Thousand Worlds

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The Thousand Worlds is the second expansion for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika that was released through Kickstarter found here. The Kickstarter added the Cadres for each faction and more Wild Cards.


Name Faction Type
Divine Tempest Aeternus Continuum Solo Champion
Nekosphynx Aeternus Continuum Solo
Phaetheon, the Whisper of Death Aeternus Continuum Solo Hero
Vassal Boss Aeternus Continuum Solo
Synturions Aeternus Continuum Squad
Talons Aeternus Continuum Squad
Relikon Aeternus Continuum Attachment
Aurelion, Aeon Weaver Empyrean Solo Hero
Eternal Metator Empyrean Solo Champion
Heavy Saber Empyrean Solo
Paragon Commander Empyrean Solo
Antecessors Eternal Empyrean Squad
Exalted Paragons Empyrean Squad
Automech Iron Star Alliance Solo
Major Aysa Drayce Iron Star Alliance Solo Hero
Regulator Reeve Iron Star Alliance Solo
Regulators Iron Star Alliance Squad
Tracers Iron Star Alliance Squad
Witch Hounds Iron Star Alliance Attachment
Headsman Iron Star Alliance Warjack Champion
Dragoon Strike Team Leader Marcher Worlds Solo
Ranger Outrider Marcher Worlds Solo
Warchief Malek Sezzar Marcher Worlds Solo Hero
Dragoon Assault Team Marcher Worlds Squad
Dragoon Strike Team Marcher Worlds Squad
Dragoon Gunner Marcher Worlds Attachment
Storm Vulture Marcher Worlds Vehicle Champion
Axel for Hire Wild Card Solo Hero
Fenrik Leech, Free Agent Wild Card Solo Hero
Master Tulcan Wild Card Solo Hero
The Quartermaster Wild Card Attachment Hero


Name Faction
Terminus Cabal Aeternus Continuum
Harbingers of Cyriss Empyrean
Alliance Regulators Iron Star Alliance
Dragoon Air Cavalry Marcher Worlds