Strike Raptor

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You can purchase Strike Raptor A in the Privateer Press Store.
You can purchase Strike Raptor B in the Privateer Press Store.

There are two Weapon Packs for the Strike Raptor that contain different weapons and cortexes. Strike Raptor Weapon Packs

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Marcher Worlds Warjack

Unit Stats

6 5 4 4 2 5

Deployment Cost


Base Size

50 mm



Chassis Special Rules

Jump Jets: Once per activation, this model can spike to gain +3 SPD and Flight until the end of its activation.
Thrusters: While charged, this model ignores movement penalties for rough terrain. Additionally, for each Arc this model is charged with, it gains +1 DEF.


Advanced Optics: This model’s ranged weapons gain +2 RNG.

Bomber: This model gains +1 action die on attack rolls with explosion weapons. Additionally, when this model makes an attack with an explosion weapon while it has Flight, immediately after the attack is resolved, this model can move up to 2".

Dog Fighter
Slip Field: When this model is targeted by an attack while charged, after the attack is resolved, this model can move up to 3".

Structural Analyzer: This unit's melee weapons gain +1 POW.

Revelator: When making ranged attacks this model ignores Stealth.
Wide Spectrum Scanners: While within 2" of this model, friendly models gain the Relevator advantage.


4 : 2 Arm, 2 Shoulder

Weapon Points


Weapon Selection

Arm Options

Battle Rifle
Fusion Drill
Particle Accelerator
Rock Buster
Slug Gun

Shoulder Options

Cyclone Cannon
Particle Cannon
Rail Gun
Talon Rocket Pod
Vortex Missile

Weapon Location Cost Weapon Pack
Weapon Locations and Costs
Battle Rifle Arm 1 A
Flamethrower Arm 2 A
Fusion Drill Arm 1 A
Particle Accelerator Arm 2 B
Rock Buster Arm 1 B
Slug Gun Arm 1 B
Blazer Shoulder 3 B
Cyclone Cannon Shoulder 3 B
Particle Cannon Shoulder 3 A
Rail Gun Shoulder 3 A
Talon Rocket Pod Shoulder 2 A
Vortex Missile Shoulder 2 B


Strike Raptor was released during the Warcaster Kickstarter.


The Strike Raptor is a massive machine equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry. Unbound by earthly terrain and obstacles, this warjack is equipped with powerful mechanikal jump jets that enable it to expend Arc for short bursts of flight, making it even more maneuverable than the swift-moving Dusk Wolf. A true support weapon, the Strike Raptor packs an assortment of arms that would be the envy of any military force.