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Specialists emphasize support capabilities and gear acquisition.

Shared Ability
Tinker: When you equip this model or a model in your crew adjacent to it with Riot Gear, reduce the loot cost of the Riot Gear card by 2 (to a minimum of 1).

Chests this class can Raid for free
Puzzle Chest
Mystic Chest

Identity Masker gives the Tinker ability and the Specialist class to any hero in addition to its original class.

Bounties with Rig Bonus
Deathtrap III: Trap-nado
Sentient Wealth
Hero Block
Balthazar Bamfist Mayhem
Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire Mayhem
Master Gurglepox Mayhem
Weird Wendell, Gremlin Wrangler Mayhem
Doctor Stygius Mayhem
General 'Thunderstone' Brug Mayhem
Yssylla Wintertime Wasteland
Lynda the Forgotten Wintertime Wasteland
The Living Covenant Wintertime Wasteland
Karchev & Deathjack, Malignant Fusion Wintertime Wasteland