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Frequently Asked Questions : Bench
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Q: When a model is placed on the Bench without being knocked out—such as being affected by Phylactery Grenade—does that model keep its damage?
A: No. When a model leaves the Arena for any reason (knocked out, sent to the Bench by a special ability or Treasure Chest effect, etc.), remove all damage from that model.

Frequently Asked Questions : Building Your Crew
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Q: Can I have Boomhowler 2 and Boomhowler 3 in my Crew?
A: In the Building Your Crew section of the Wintertime Wasteland rulebook it states: Some characters will have multiple iterations released in Riot Quest, such as Black Bella, Duchess of Dread and Stonecold Black Bella. Since they are different models with different Hero stat cards, they are considered separate Heroes and you could include each of them once in your Crew.

Frequently Asked Questions : Cool Down
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Q: When making a Cool Down roll, does a Super Strike bring one model back or two?
A: When calculating the number of models returned to the Bench from the Cooler, count the total number of strikes on all of the dice, not the number of dice that rolled a strike. A Super Strike will bring back 2 models, a Strike will bring back 1 model.

Frequently Asked Questions : Cover
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Q: Does cover work against melee attacks, ranged attacks, or both?
A: Cover applies to all attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions : Loot
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Q: Is Loot collected by a Hero or Player?
A: Loot is per player, not a Hero.

Frequently Asked Questions : Riot Gear
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Q: Can Riot Gear on a Hero be passed to another friendly Hero?
A: Not normally. A Hero would have to purchase a different piece of Riot Gear, which would return the original to the player's hand, and then the other friendly Hero could equip it.

Frequently Asked Questions : Removing A Model With Action Dice On It
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Q: If a model has action dice on it and uses Transmutation Elixir, do the action dice stay on that model?
A: Yes, they stay on the model that is removed to the bench.