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Welcome to the Riot Quest wiki! In this wiki, you'll find information on all of the characters, gear, maps, modes, bounties, and treasure available in Riot Quest.

To get started, please select an area below to explore!

Update Information

Riot Quest Update Page


Official Documents

Riot Quest Rulebook

Riot Quest Throwdown

Game Information

Hero Classes

Hero Cards

Riot Gear Cards



Bounty Cards

Treasure Chests

Hero Abilities List

Weapon Abilities List

Release Blocks


Wintertime Wasteland

Alternate Models

Promotional Items


Rules FAQ

Model FAQ

Bounty FAQ

Treasure FAQ

Throwdown FAQ

The errata document has been included in the FAQs above, but is still listed here for your viewing pleasure.
Riot Quest FAQ V1

Other Great Information

Riot Quest Insiders

Riot Quest Saturday Morning Theme Song

The Heist Before Wrecksmas

Riot Quest How to Play Video