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The races available to play in the Iron Kingdoms.

Race and Subrace

Race Subrace Source
Anura Bullcroak Into the Deep Wilds
Anura Conjoined Soul Into the Deep Wilds
Anura Stickspit Into the Deep Wilds
Bog Trog Angler Trog Into the Deep Wilds
Bog Trog Saltwater Trog Into the Deep Wilds
Bog Trog Wetland Trog Into the Deep Wilds
Bogrin Child of Dhunia Borderlands and Beyond
Bogrin Child of the Wurm Borderlands and Beyond
Clockwork Vessel Mysteries of the Maiden
Dwarf Rhulfolk Dwarf Requiem
Eldritch Borderlands Survival Guide
Farrow Borderlands and Beyond
Gatorfolk Albino Into the Deep Wilds
Gatorfolk Ironscale Into the Deep Wilds
Gobber Requiem
Human Cryx Requiem
Human Cygnar Requiem
Human Llael Requiem
Human Khador Requiem
Human Idrian Marchfolk Borderlands and Beyond
Human Ordic Requiem
Human Protectorate of Menoth Requiem
Iosan Requiem
Nyss Requiem
Ogrun Requiem
Pyg Woodland Pygmy Borderlands and Beyond
Pyg Northkin Pygmy Borderlands and Beyond
Revenant Bane Nightmare Empire
Revenant Dreadbound Nightmare Empire
Revenant Skarlock Nightmare Empire
Satyxis Nightmare Empire
Scharde Ogrun Nightmare Empire
Skorne Mortitheurge The Book of the East Part 1
Skorne Warrior The Book of the East Part 1
Soulless Borderlands and Beyond
Specter Nightmare Empire
Tharn Ravager The Devourer's Host
Tharn Stalker The Devourer's Host
Trollkin Albino Requiem
Trollkin Blighted Nightmare Empire
Trollkin Northkin Requiem
Trollkin Waverider Nightmare Empire
Trollkin Woodland Requiem