Protectors (MonPoc)

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The models available for the Protectors Agenda in Monsterpocalypse.


Draken Armada
Elemental Champions
Empire of Apes
First Guardians
Green Fury
Legion of Mutates
Shadow Sun Syndicate


Name Faction
Anglax Tritons
Arctic Armodax Terrasaurs
Armodax Terrasaurs
Avarvinea Vegetyrants
Cassander Legion of Mutates
Defender Extreme G.U.A.R.D.
Defender X G.U.A.R.D.
Earth Knight Green Fury
Floruina Vegetyrants
Gakura Empire of Apes
Gausamal Draken Armada
General Hondo Empire of Apes
Grizzi Green Fury
Hurricanius Elemental Champions
Incinerus Elemental Champions
King Kondo Empire of Apes
Krakenoctus Tritons
Legionnaire G.U.A.R.D.
Leviathron Tritons
Magma Khan Terrasaurs
Master of Xolotl First Guardians
Nova ESR G.U.A.R.D.
Numitor Legion of Mutates
Pteradax Terrasaurs
Queen of Imiqui First Guardians
Rastaban Draken Armada
Sergeant Titanica Green Fury
Sky Sentinel G.U.A.R.D.
Stomatavorus Rex Vegetyrants
Taharka Legion of Mutates
Tectomoc Elemental Champions
Terra Khan Terrasaurs
Tyrranix Terrasaurs
Warden of Teocali First Guardians
White Dajan Empire of Apes
Zor-Magna Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Maxim Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Raiden Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Voltis Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zybanos Draken Armada


Name Faction
Air Avatar Elemental Champions
Air Kami Elemental Champions
Ape Bomber Empire of Apes
Ape Gunner Empire of Apes
Ape Infiltrator Empire of Apes
Arbiter Monolith First Guardians
Assault Ape Empire of Apes
Basher Legion of Mutates
Bellower Terrasaurs
Blaster Legion of Mutates
Brontox Terrasaurs
C-Type Shinobi Shadow Sun Syndicate
Carnidon Terrasaurs
Clicker Legion of Mutates
Command Ape Empire of Apes
Courser Draken Armada
Crusher Green Fury
Draken Berserker Draken Armada
Draken Mystic Draken Armada
Earth Kami Elemental Champions
Exo-Armor G.U.A.R.D.
Fire Avatar Elemental Champions
Fire Kami Elemental Champions
Flowering Sprayer Vegetyrants
Fusilier Draken Armada
G-Tank G.U.A.R.D.
Gargoyle Monolith First Guardians
Hopper Legion of Mutates
Hummingbird Spirit First Guardians
Humusoid Vegetyrants
Imperial Bloom Vegetyrants
Interceptor Shadow Sun Syndicate
Jaguar Spirit First Guardians
Man-O-War Tritons
MR-Tank G.U.A.R.D.
Ocean Hydra Tritons
Psi-Eel Tritons
Pteradactix Terrasaurs
Raptix Terrasaurs
Repair Truck G.U.A.R.D.
Rocket Ape Empire of Apes
Rocket Chopper G.U.A.R.D.
S-Type Shinobi Shadow Sun Syndicate
Scavenger Van Green Fury
Scrap Mech Green Fury
Scrapper Green Fury
Shadow Gate Shadow Sun Syndicate
Shadow Rider Shadow Sun Syndicate
Shrieker Legion of Mutates
Slasher Legion of Mutates
Spikodon Terrasaurs
Spore Pod Vegetyrants
Stalker Draken Armada
Steel Shell Crab Tritons
Stomatavor Vegetyrants
Strike Fighter G.U.A.R.D.
Sun Fighter Shadow Sun Syndicate
Temple Giant First Guardians
Temple Monolith First Guardians
Warder Draken Armada
Water Avatar Elemental Champions
Whomping Nettle Vegetyrants