Paladin Siegebreaker

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You can purchase the Paladin Siegebreaker in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Iron Star Alliance Solo

Unit Stats

4 4 3 2 4

Deployment Cost


Base Size

40 mm




Compound Armor: This model gains +1 ARM against explosion damage.
Weapon Expert: When this model attacks during its activation, it can attack with all of its weapons.

Special Rules

Arcantrik Turbine: This model gains +1 SPD for each Arc it is currently charged with.
Dominion Converter: When this model is hit by an enemy attack, immediately after the attack has been resolved you can charge this model.
Power Focus: Before this model attacks during its activation, it can spike to use Power Focus. This model can only attack with one of its weapons that activation but adds three power dice to attack rolls that activation. Additionally, this model can reroll its attack rolls with the chosen weapon that activation. A roll can be rerolled once as a result of Power Focus.


Name Attack Type Damage Type Range POW
Castigator Missiles Ranged Ballistic Explosion 12 4
Blast Weapon: This is a blast weapon.
Radliffe V9 Ranged Ballistic 10 4
Strafe: After declaring an attack with this weapon and its target, roll one power die. For each strike rolled, you can make one additional attack against another model within 2" of the initial target. Each attack must target a different model. Additional attacks cannot generate additional Strafe attacks.
Fusion Sword Melee Kinetic 1 4


Paladin Siegebreaker was released during the Collision Course Kickstarter.


A walking arsenal of advanced firepower, the Paladin Siegebreaker strides the battlefield from within the eye of the storm, obliterating any obstacle in its path with overwhelming force. Though slow and plodding under the weight of heavy exo-armor, the Siegebreaker’s arcantrik turbine can speed up his pace in battle. Though capable of attacking with all of his weaponry simultaneously, the Siegebreaker’s mechanika Power Focus enables it to channel Arc into a single guided attack, meaning he can either target multiple enemies or devastate a single target with a focused strike.