Myriad Singularity (MonPoc)

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You can purchase Myriad Singularities in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats



Model Stats


Special Rules

Action: Spatial Anomaly: During your Unit or Monster Activation, this model can spend one Action Die to perform a Spatial Anomaly action. Swap the positions of two of your Masters monsters or two of your allied units. Spatial Anomaly cannot be used during the advancement phase.
Ephemeral: Other models can move through this model and if it is destroyed, it is not replaced by a debris tile.
Masters of the 8th Dimension Base: Once per turn, if you are securing one or more buildings with Masters of the 8th Dimension Base and spawn a Masters of the 8th Dimension unit, reduce its cost by 1.
Perilous: If a monster collides with this model or hits it with a rampage power attack, that monster suffers 1 damage.