Monsters (MonPoc)

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The monsters available for Monsterpocalypse.


Name Faction
Anglax Tritons
Archipelagon Tritons
Arctic Armodax Terrasaurs
Ares Mothership Martian Menace
Armodax Terrasaurs
Avarvinea Vegetyrants
Blastikutter Subterran Uprising
Cassander Legion of Mutates
Cthugrosh Lords of Cthul
Cyber Khan UberCorp International
Defender Extreme G.U.A.R.D.
Defender X G.U.A.R.D.
Deimos-9 Martian Menace
Dynastavus Savage Swarm
Earth Knight Green Fury
Floruina Vegetyrants
Gakura Empire of Apes
Gallamaxus Necroscourge
Gausamal Draken Armada
General Hondo Empire of Apes
Globbicus Waste
God of Vemana Ancient Ones
Gorghadra Planet Eaters
Gorghadratron UberCorp International
Grizzi Green Fury
Hammerklak Subterran Uprising
Hurricanius Elemental Champions
Incinerus Elemental Champions
Insatiable Yasheth Lords of Cthul
Karkinos Necroscourge
King of Camazotz Ancient Ones
King Kondo Empire of Apes
Komkor 001 Zerkalo Bloc
Krakenoctus Tritons
Legionnaire G.U.A.R.D.
Leviathron Tritons
Lord of Mictal Ancient Ones
Magma Khan Terrasaurs
Master of Xolotl First Guardians
Mecha-Maxim UberCorp International
Mega-Gorghadra Planet Eaters
Mogroth Lords of Cthul
Mucustos Savage Swarm
Nightmare Gallamaxus Necroscourge
Nova ESR G.U.A.R.D.
Numitor Legion of Mutates
Phobos-7 Martian Menace
Pteradax Terrasaurs
Queen of Imiqui First Guardians
Rastaban Draken Armada
Robo Kondo UberCorp International
Rogzor Planet Eaters
Sergeant Titanica Green Fury
Sky Sentinel G.U.A.R.D.
Slingoozer Waste
Stomatavorus Rex Vegetyrants
Taharka Legion of Mutates
Tectomoc Elemental Champions
Terra Khan Terrasaurs
Tharsis-5 Martian Menace
The Conductor Masters of the 8th Dimension
The Magistrate Masters of the 8th Dimension
The Preceptor Masters of the 8th Dimension
Tyrranix Terrasaurs
Ulgoth Lords of Cthul
Ultra Cyber Khan UberCorp International
Voyaka 099 Zerkalo Bloc
Warden of Teocali First Guardians
White Dajan Empire of Apes
Xaxor Planet Eaters
Xixorax Savage Swarm
Yasheth Lords of Cthul
Zavod 075 Zerkalo Bloc
Zeerox Collaborators
Zor-Magna Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Maxim Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Necros Necroscourge
Zor-Raiden Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zor-Voltis Shadow Sun Syndicate
Zorog Planet Eaters
Zybanos Draken Armada