Mayhem Block

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The Mayhem Block is the first released block of Riot Quest. It consists of the initial starter box, 33 heroes, 7 expansions, and 3 promo cards.

Heroes Class Gear Wave
Sir Dreyfus the Storm Knight Guard Galvanic Repulsor Wave 0 (Core)
Balthazar Bamfist Specialist Shard of Rathrok Wave 0 (Core)
Dez Gunner Bang Rounds Wave 0 (Core)
Eiryss, Fortune Hunter of Ios Scout Echo Displacer Wave 0 (Core)
Gubbin Rogue Hyperspring Boots Wave 0 (Core)
J.A.I.M.s Guard Telescoping Blades Wave 1
Black Bella, Duchess of Dread Fighter Loot Duplicator Wave 1
Gorman the Mad Rogue Transmutation Elixir Wave 1
Orsus the Chained Fighter Fell Charm Wave 2
Boomhowler, Solo Artist Gunner Dire Ale Wave 1
Harlowe Holdemhigh Scout Dematerializer Wave 1
Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire Specialist Translocator Wave 1
Wolf With No Name Scout Wrist Spring Holster Wave 2
Captain Crawtooth Fighter Medicinal Stew Wave 2
Ledfoot & Tredz Gunner Homing Beacon Wave 2
Master Gurglepox Specialist Phylactery Grenade Wave 2
Chuck Dogwood Guard Wold Assistant Wave 3
Scythe Gunner Sonic Disorientator Wave 3
Boss MacHorn Guard Portable Crane Wave 2
Weird Wendell, Gremlin Wrangler Specialist Scrambler Wave 2
Flugwug the Filcher Rogue Magnetic Gloves Wave 3
Doctor Stygius Specialist Brain in a Jar Wave 3
Destructotron 3000 Gunner Incendiary Gel Wave 2
The Wastelander Rogue Invisible Sneakers Wave 4
The Terrorizer Fighter Hook Shot Wave 3
Flubbin Scout Lead Balloon Wave 4
The Four Horseymans Fighter Zevanna's Knapsack Wave 4
Feora the Forsaken Fighter Time Bomb Wave 4
Mekanoshredder Guard Enormous Monkey Wrench Wave 4
Helga on Wheels Scout Junkyard Jetpack Wave 3
General 'Thunderstone' Brug Specialist Dhunian Menace Wave 4
Lord Azazello Rogue Identity Masker Wave 4
Malvin & Mayhem Fighter Reinforced Face, Unstable Cortex, Massive Platinum Thighs, Backup Boilers, Wrench Launcher Wave 4

Note: Core Box gear is not assigned to a specific hero.

Spawn Gate Expansion
Treasure Chest Expansion
100% Mayhem Gear Expansion
Malvin & Mayhem Boss Expansion
Hullgrinder Map
Temple of Concord Map
Grind-O-Verse Expansion
Promo Cards
Dark Sniffer
Speedy Sniffer
Greedy Sniffer
Organized Play Exclusives Kit
Blinged J.A.I.M.s/Telescoping Blades The Art of Privateer Press Kickstarter Reward
Blinged Gubbin/Bang Rounds Throwdown Kit
Blinged Balthazar Bamfist/Hyperspring Boots Throwdown Kit
Sabertooth Mawg Winter Rampage 2020