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A mantlet is a deployable barrier.
Mantlets are not units or warrior models and cannot be charged. They cannot move or attack, do not activate, and are not on bases.
Mantlets have a Deployment Cost and are deployed like unit models. When a mantlet is deployed, place it within 1" of the void gate as normal. A player can have up to four mantlets in play at any time.
Mantlets provide cover like obstacle terrain features. Mantlets never gain cover.
A friendly model can move through a mantlet if it has enough SPD to completely move through it.
Because they grant cover and do not have a fixed base size defining their volume, mantlet models cannot be customized or modified in any way aside from their paint job.


Name Faction Release
Defense Pylon Aeternus Continuum Collision Course
Carapax Empyrean Collision Course
Force Barrier Iron Star Alliance Collision Course
Blast Shield Marcher Worlds Collision Course