Iron Kingdoms (IKR)

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This is the landing page for all things Iron Kingdoms. Beware, all thee who enter here.

Game Information

Adventuring Companies


Classes & Subclasses





Product List

Product Type
Iron Kingdoms Requiem Sourcebook
Monsternomicon GM Resource
Legend of Witchfire Adventure
Game Master's Toolkit GM Resource
Requiem GM Screen GM Screen
Corvis City Streets Gridded Battle Tiles
Wildlands and Waterways Gridded Battle Tiles
Spell Reference Deck Card Deck
Warjack and Mechanika Reference Deck Card Deck
Borderlands and Beyond Sourcebook
Borderlands Survival Guide GM Resource
Shadow of the Seeker Adventure
Escape the Mind Slavers Adventure
Borderlands GM Screen GM Screen
Shadow of the Seeker Miniatures Models
Nightmare Empire Sourcebook
Scoundrel's Guide to the Scharde Islands GM Resource
Tales from the Blackwater Cantina Adventure
An Echo in the Darkness Adventure
A Strange Light Breaks Adventure
Doom Reavers DLC
Man-O-War DLC
Secret Masters DLC
Stormsmiths DLC
The Devourer's Host DLC
Something Wicked in Novokorska Adventure
Reclaimers DLC
Guardians of the Temple DLC
Soldiers of Fortune DLC

Pendrake Encounters

Pendrake's many encounters with the zoology of the Iron Kingdoms and beyond!
Bite Club
Egg Scramble
Grym Tidings
Bogged Down on the Bayou
A Midwinter Night's Dream
Dead of Winter
Skiggs on a Train
Cask and Ye Shall Receive
A History of Silence
Mawg Day Afternoon
Spider House Rules
Death By A Thousand Cuts