Hellion (MonPoc)

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You can purchase the Hellion in the Privateer Press Store.

Grunt Stats

Faction and Type

Lords of Cthul Grunt Unit


7 1 2

Special Rules

Flight: This model can end its movement on impassable terrain and is immune to hazards except when colliding with them.
High Mobility


Attack Type RNG Action Dice Boost Dice
Brawl 1 3 2
Hit & Run: If this model hits a target model with this attack, immediately after the attack is resolved advance this model up to three spaces even if this model has already advanced this turn.
Penetrator: When resolving this attack, the target model suffers -1 DEF, to a minimum of 1.
Siphon: If this attack hits an enemy monster, you gain 1 Power Die. That monster’s controller loses 1 Power Die.