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Grunts are the basic type of units within Monsterpocalypse. Some grunts have elite versions while others do not.


Name Faction
AAApebot UberCorp International
Abrogator Masters of the 8th Dimension
Absorber Waste
Air Avatar Elemental Champions
Air Kami Elemental Champions
Ape Bomber Empire of Apes
Ape Gunner Empire of Apes
Ape Infiltrator Empire of Apes
Assault Ape Empire of Apes
Basher Legion of Mutates
Belcher Planet Eaters
Bellower Terrasaurs
Blade Revenant Necroscourge
Blaster Legion of Mutates
Brontox Terrasaurs
C-Type Shinobi Shadow Sun Syndicate
Carnidon Terrasaurs
Carnitron UberCorp International
Chomper Planet Eaters
Clicker Legion of Mutates
Cliff Hopper Savage Swarm
Command Ape Empire of Apes
Courser Draken Armada
Crawler Planet Eaters
Dervish Masters of the 8th Dimension
Destructomite Planet Eaters
Dire Ant Savage Swarm
Draken Berserker Draken Armada
Draken Mystic Draken Armada
Exo-Armor G.U.A.R.D.
Explodohawk Planet Eaters
Exterminatrix Planet Eaters
Facilitator Masters of the 8th Dimension
Fire Avatar Elemental Champions
Fire Kami Elemental Champions
Fusilier Draken Armada
G-Tank G.U.A.R.D.
Harvester Martian Menace
Hellion Lords of Cthul
Hopper Legion of Mutates
Hunter Martian Menace
Hurling Swarm Necroscourge
Imperial Bloom Vegetyrants
Interceptor Shadow Sun Syndicate
Juror Masters of the 8th Dimension
LTA Fighter Zerkalo Bloc
LTA Gunship Zerkalo Bloc
Meat Slave Lords of Cthul
Mollock Berserker Subterran Uprising
Mollock Brute Subterran Uprising
MR-Tank G.U.A.R.D.
Power Pod Martian Menace
Propo Walker Zerkalo Bloc
Psi-Eel Tritons
Pteradactix Terrasaurs
Raptix Terrasaurs
Razor Beetle Savage Swarm
Reaper Martian Menace
Repair Truck G.U.A.R.D.
Robo Brontox UberCorp International
Rocket Ape Empire of Apes
Rocket Chopper G.U.A.R.D.
S-Type Shinobi Shadow Sun Syndicate
Saucer Martian Menace
Scavenger Van Green Fury
Scorcher Planet Eaters
Scrapper Green Fury
Shadow Gate Shadow Sun Syndicate
Shadow Rider Shadow Sun Syndicate
Shinobot UberCorp International
Shinobot Gunner UberCorp International
Shrieker Legion of Mutates
Slasher Legion of Mutates
Snatcher Lords of Cthul
SPAR Zerkalo Bloc
Spikodon Terrasaurs
Spitter Lords of Cthul
Spy Fly Savage Swarm
Squix Lords of Cthul
Stalker Draken Armada
Steel Shell Crab Tritons
Stomatavor Vegetyrants
Strike Fighter G.U.A.R.D.
Sun Fighter Shadow Sun Syndicate
Task Master Lords of Cthul
Toxxo Waste
Tuner Masters of the 8th Dimension
Uber Jet UberCorp International
U-Tank UberCorp International
Vanguard Martian Menace
Voider Masters of the 8th Dimension
Vorota Walker Zerkalo Bloc
Warder Draken Armada
WW-82 Zerkalo Bloc