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You can purchase the Grafter in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Aeternus Continuum Solo

Unit Stats

5 3 3 3 3

Deployment Cost


Base Size

40 mm



Special Rules

Adrenalizer: While this model is charged, other friendly warrior models within 5" of it gain +1 ARM and do not suffer continuous effects. Additionally, continuous effects on affected models immediately expire.
Special Action: Repair: This model can make a special action to repair a friendly model within 1" of it. Roll three action dice. For each strike rolled, remove 1 damage point from the model being repaired.
Resurrection Protocol: During its activation and while within 10" of a target friendly squad, this model can spike to return up to two destroyed non-attachment models to the squad. Place these models within 2" of another model in the squad. A squad can never have more than three trooper models as a result of Resurrection Protocol.


Name Attack Type Damage Type Range POW
Bone Saw Melee Kinetic 1 3


Grafter was released during the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Kickstarter.


A rank above the Vassals, the multi-limbed Grafters are the meat mechaniks of the Aeternus Continuum. Not truly members of the sect’s clergy, the Grafters maintain the Continuum’s warjacks and fighting forces in the field. Their duties include repairs, patching wounds, and administering combat alchemicals to boost the effectiveness of the forces they serve alongside. In a pinch, their anatomical knowledge and sharp blades can be paired to destructive ends.