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Furies are offensive Cypher cards that are played as attacks against enemy models. They require a Fury attack roll to determine if they hit and may inflict a damage roll. Fury Cyphers have a POW stat like weapons. See Making Fury Attacks, on the next page, to resolve Fury attacks.

Cypher Faction Set
Atrophic Decomposer Aeternus Continuum Collision Course
Cacophonic Declination Empyrean Collision Course
Cryo Lock Universal Warcaster
Havoc Spiral Universal Collision Course
Instability Equation Universal Warcaster
Malediction Rubric Universal Warcaster
Nihilation Vortex Aeternus Continuum Collision Course
Null Collider Universal Warcaster
Paralytic Disruptor Universal Collision Course
Psychonomic Lash Universal Collision Course
Pyrokinetic Surge Universal Warcaster
Velocity Projector Universal Warcaster
Volition Anchor Iron Star Alliance Collision Course