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You can purchase Firebrand A in the Privateer Press Store.
You can purchase Firebrand B in the Privateer Press Store.

There are two Weapon Packs for the Firebrand that contain different weapons and cortexes. Firebrand Weapon Packs

Core Stats

Unit Faction and Type

Iron Star Alliance Warjack

Unit Stats

6 4 4 4 3 3

Deployment Cost


Base Size

50 mm



Chassis Special Rules

Force Projector: While this model is charged, its melee weapons gain +1 RNG.
Refractor Field: This model can spike to reroll a defense roll.


'Jack Hunter
'Jack Hunter: Once per activation, this model can spike to use 'Jack Hunter. That activation, this model gains +3 action dice on its attack rolls targeting enemy warjacks.

Neural Web
Neural Web: This model gains a cumulative +1 MAT bonus for each other friendly unit within 5", up to a bonus of +3.

Pathfinder: This model ignores movement penalties for rough terrain.
Revelator: When making ranged attacks this model ignores Stealth.

Heightened Reflexes: When this model is targeted by an attack, after the attack is resolved, it can move up to 3" inches.

Sidestep: When this model hits an enemy model with an attack, after the attack is resolved, this model can move up to 1" inch.


3 : 2 Arm, 1 Shoulder

Weapon Points


Weapon Selection

Arm Options

Assault Rifle & Bayonet
Force Hammer
Fusion Glaive
Grenade Launcher
Repulsor Shield
Sun Piercer

Shoulder Options

Harbinger Cannon
Null Cannon

Weapon Location Cost Weapon Pack
Weapon Locations and Costs
Assault Rifle & Bayonet Arm 1 A
Force Hammer Arm 1 B
Fusion Glaive Arm 2 A
Grenade Launcher Arm 1 B
Repulsor Shield Arm 1 A
Sun Piercer Arm 2 B
Harbinger Cannon Shoulder 2 A
Immolator Shoulder 3 B
Maelstrom Shoulder 2 B
Null Cannon Shoulder 3 A


Firebrand was released during the Warcaster Kickstarter.


Manufactured throughout Alliance space, the Firebrand is the primary support warjack of the Paladin forces. While produced in great numbers according to a common design, the Firebrand system remains a potent and unpredictable weapon of war. Protected by an Arc-fueled refractor field, the swift-moving Firebrand can be a hard target to hit in the midst of battle. When it closes, force projectors increase the deadly range of their melee weapons, making them dangerous and effective foes. While slightly lighter than the Marcher Worlds’ rugged Dusk Wolf warjacks, when armed with a Force Hammer and Sun Piercer, this warjack is more than a match for any opposition. Its expanded armament includes a grenade launcher, a rapid-firing Maelstrom, and a steel-consuming Immolator.