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Fighters emphasize melee combat.

Shared Ability
Charge: When this model spends an Action Die to run, it gains +1 Power Die to its melee attacks this activation.

Chests this class can Raid for free
Iron Chest
Indestructible Chest

Identity Masker and Shard of Rathrok gives the Charge ability and the Fighter class to any hero in addition to its original class.

Bounties with Rig Bonus
Look, a Deathtrap!
Behind Door #2...Lava!
Gribblar, The Eater of Stuff
Deathtrap IV: Revenge of the Trap
Hero Block
Black Bella, Duchess of Dread Mayhem
Orsus the Chained Mayhem
Captain Crawtooth Mayhem
The Terrorizer Mayhem
The Four Horseymans Mayhem
Feora the Forsaken Mayhem
Malvin & Mayhem Mayhem
Boomhowler the Destroyer Wintertime Wasteland
Kogan the Exile Wintertime Wasteland
Stone Lord Guvul Godor Wintertime Wasteland
Karchev & Deathjack, Malignant Fusion Wintertime Wasteland