Essence (IKR)

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The essences available for Iron Kingdoms.


Essence Source
Agile Requiem
Blighted Nightmare Empire
Gifted Requiem
Intellectual Requiem
Mighty Requiem
Pious Requiem

Essence Feats

Feat Essence Source
Cagey Agile Requiem
Deft Agile Requiem
Untouchable Agile Requiem
Virtuoso Agile Requiem
Watchful Agile Requiem
Blighted Flesh Blighted Nightmare Empire
Blighted Vigor Blighted Nightmare Empire
Claws of the Dragon Blighted Nightmare Empire
Draconic Breath Blighted Nightmare Empire
Draconic Wings Blighted Nightmare Empire
Weaver of Corruption Blighted Nightmare Empire
Dominator Gifted Requiem
Fast Caster Gifted Requiem
Magically Sensitive Gifted Requiem
Resolute Gifted Requiem
Student of the Arcane Gifted Requiem
Battlefield Coordinator Intellectual Requiem
Electrician Intellectual Stormsmiths
Genius Intellectual Requiem
Prescient Intellectual Requiem
Quick Thinking Intellectual Requiem
Vigilant Intellectual Requiem
Beat Back Mighty Requiem
Bounding Leap Mighty Requiem
Invulnerable Mighty Requiem
Tough as Nails Mighty Requiem
Vigorous Mighty Requiem
Ascetic Pious Requiem
Blessed with Health Pious Requiem
Chosen by the Gods Pious Requiem
Holy Aegis Pious Requiem
Shield of the Believer Pious Requiem