Destroyers (MonPoc)

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The models available for the Destroyers Agenda in Monsterpocalypse.


Ancient Ones
Lords of Cthul
Martian Menace
Masters of the 8th Dimension
Planet Eaters
Savage Swarm
Subterran Uprising
UberCorp International
Zerkalo Bloc


Name Faction
Ares Mothership Martian Menace
Blastikutter Subterran Uprising
Cthugrosh Lords of Cthul
Cyber Khan UberCorp International
Deimos-9 Martian Menace
Dynastavus Savage Swarm
Gallamaxus Necroscourge
Globbicus Waste
God of Vemana Ancient Ones
Gorghadra Planet Eaters
Gorghadratron UberCorp International
Hammerklak Subterran Uprising
Insatiable Yasheth Lords of Cthul
Karkinos Necroscourge
King of Camazotz Ancient Ones
Komkor 001 Zerkalo Bloc
Lord of Mictal Ancient Ones
Mecha-Maxim UberCorp International
Mega-Gorghadra Planet Eaters
Mogroth Lords of Cthul
Mucustos Savage Swarm
Nightmare Gallamaxus Necroscourge
Phobos-7 Martian Menace
Robo Kondo UberCorp International
Rogzor Planet Eaters
Slingoozer Waste
Tharsis-5 Martian Menace
The Conductor Masters of the 8th Dimension
The Magistrate Masters of the 8th Dimension
The Preceptor Masters of the 8th Dimension
Ulgoth Lords of Cthul
Ultra Cyber Khan UberCorp International
Voyaka 099 Zerkalo Bloc
Xaxor Planet Eaters
Xixorax Savage Swarm
Yasheth Lords of Cthul
Zavod 075 Zerkalo Bloc
Zeerox Collaborators
Zor-Necros Necroscourge
Zorog Planet Eaters


Name Faction
AAApebot UberCorp International
Abrogator Masters of the 8th Dimension
Absorber Waste
Belcher Planet Eaters
Blade Revenant Necroscourge
Bramble Hunter Ancient Ones
Carnitron UberCorp International
Charghoul Waste
Chomper Planet Eaters
Cliff Hopper Savage Swarm
Crawler Planet Eaters
Dervish Masters of the 8th Dimension
Destructomite Planet Eaters
Dire Ant Savage Swarm
Explodohawk Planet Eaters
Exterminatrix Planet Eaters
Facilitator Masters of the 8th Dimension
Harvester Martian Menace
Hellion Lords of Cthul
Hexchantress Necroscourge
Hunter Martian Menace
Hurling Swarm Necroscourge
Juror Masters of the 8th Dimension
Lake Serpent Ancient Ones
Lake Witch Ancient Ones
LTA Fighter Zerkalo Bloc
LTA Gunship Zerkalo Bloc
Meat Slave Lords of Cthul
Miasmist Waste
Mollock Berserker Subterran Uprising
Mollock Brute Subterran Uprising
Mollock Mortars Subterran Uprising
Necros Overlord Necroscourge
Necros Shinobi Necroscourge
Oppressor Subterran Uprising
Power Pod Martian Menace
Propo Walker Zerkalo Bloc
Razor Beetle Savage Swarm
Reaper Martian Menace
Robo Brontox UberCorp International
Saucer Martian Menace
Scorcher Planet Eaters
Shambler Ancient Ones
Shinobot UberCorp International
Shinobot Gunner UberCorp International
Skull Bat Ancient Ones
Skull Keeper Ancient Ones
Snatcher Lords of Cthul
SPAR Zerkalo Bloc
Spitter Lords of Cthul
Spy Fly Savage Swarm
Squix Lords of Cthul
Steel Back Roach Savage Swarm
Task Master Lords of Cthul
Toxxo Waste
Tuner Masters of the 8th Dimension
Uber Jet UberCorp International
U-Tank UberCorp International
Vanguard Martian Menace
Vice Pincher Savage Swarm
Void Mauler Necroscourge
Voider Masters of the 8th Dimension
Vorota Walker Zerkalo Bloc
WW-82 Zerkalo Bloc