Collision Course

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Collision Course is the first expansion for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika that was released through Kickstarter at [here. The Kickstarter added the Empyrean faction, new Cyphers, and a two new model types in vehicles and mantlets. Each faction received more squads, solos, and, if they didn't receive one originally, an Attachment. 3 more Wild Card solos were added, each working for the Empyreans and working for one of the three previous factions.


Name Faction Type
Defense Pylon Aeternus Continuum Mantlet
Vassal Raiders Aeternus Continuum Squad
Raker Aeternus Continuum Attachment
Aenigma Aeternus Continuum Vehicle Hero
Scythe Aeternus Continuum Vehicle
Carapax Empyrean Mantlet
Astreus, Aeon of the First Magnitude Empyrean Solo Hero Aeon
Factotum Empyrean Solo
Fulcrum Empyrean Solo
Oculus Empyrean Solo
Saber Guardians Empyrean Squad
Saber Strikeforce Empyrean Squad
Saber Vanguard Empyrean Squad
Aerolith Empyrean Attachment
Execrator Nix Empyrean Vehicle Hero Aeon
Zenith Empyrean Vehicle
Daemon Empyrean Warjack
Sentinel Empyrean Warjack
Force Barrier Iron Star Alliance Mantlet
Paladin Siegebreaker Iron Star Alliance Solo
Paladin Defenders Iron Star Alliance Squad
Duchess Iron Star Alliance Vehicle Hero
Interceptor Iron Star Alliance Vehicle
Blast Shield Marcher Worlds Mantlet
Ranger Infiltrators Marcher Worlds Squad
Warder Marcher Worlds Attachment
Fiddler & Co. Marcher Worlds Vehicle Hero
Razorbat Marcher Worlds Vehicle
Corebus Wild Card Solo Hero
Doctor Myra Hurst Wild Card Solo Hero
Harlan Sek, the Curator Wild Card Solo Hero