Bounty Cards

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There are 4 current Bounty decks: Mayhem Core, Spawn Gate Expansion, Wintertime Wasteland Core and Bounty Deck 4

Name Deck Value Rig Bonus
Bullet Magnet Mayhem Core 2 Gunner or Guard Heroes
Bullseye Mayhem Core 1
Telepandemonium Mayhem Core 2 Specialist Heroes
Freakin' Imposters Mayhem Core 1
Wasteland Mugging Mayhem Core 1 Rogue Heroes
Look, a Deathtrap! Mayhem Core 2 Fighter or Scout Heroes
Get Paid Mayhem Core 1
Brain Snatcher Mayhem Core 1
Get Lucky Mayhem Core 1
Wreck Face Mayhem Core 2
Weird Lil' Bugger Mayhem Core 2 Heroes adjacent to a Treasure Chest
Bombing Run Mayhem Core 2 Undamaged Heroes
Wake-Up Call Spawn Gate Expansion 1
Behind Door #2...Lava! Spawn Gate Expansion 2 Guard and Fighter Heroes
What's in the Box?! Spawn Gate Expansion 2 Rogue and Scout Heroes
Tick...Tick...Tick... Spawn Gate Expansion 2 Gunner and Specialist Heroes
Outta Nowhere Spawn Gate Expansion 1
Smash and Snatch Spawn Gate Expansion 1
Target Acquired Spawn Gate Expansion -1 Heroes adjacent to a damage Enemy
Mayhem Manifest Spawn Gate Expansion 2 Heroes equipped with Riot Gear
Deathtrap II: The Trappening Spawn Gate Expansion 2 Heroes with SPD 5 or more
Boomstick Brawl Spawn Gate Expansion 1
I'm Out Spawn Gate Expansion 1
We Look Amazing Spawn Gate Expansion 1
Armor is Stupid Wintertime Wasteland Core 1
Broken, But in a Good Way Wintertime Wasteland Core 1 Heroes controlled by a player with 5 or more Loot Tokens
Field Test Wintertime Wasteland Core 1
Caution: Contents Hungry Wintertime Wasteland Core 2 Heroes adjacent to a damaged enemy
Show Off Wintertime Wasteland Core 2
Here, Hold This Wintertime Wasteland Core 1 Gunner Heroes
Press Your Luck Wintertime Wasteland Core 1
Deathtrap III: Trap-nado Wintertime Wasteland Core 2 Specialist and Scout Heroes
Gribblar, the Eater of Stuff Wintertime Wasteland Core 2 Fighter and Rogue Heroes
Calling the Shot Wintertime Wasteland Core 1
Ominous Beeping Wintertime Wasteland Core 1 Guard Heroes
It's Alive! Wintertime Wasteland Core 2 Heroes adjacent to the Target
Who Wore It Better Bounty Deck 4 1
Sentient Wealth Bounty Deck 4 1 Specialist Heroes
The Key to Success Bounty Deck 4 1
Cold Storage Bounty Deck 4 2 Heroes adjacent to an enemy
Lead by Example Bounty Deck 4 2
Yoink! Bounty Deck 4 1 Rogue Heroes
Welcome Party Bounty Deck 4 1+
Deathtrap IV: Revenge of the Trap Bounty Deck 4 2 Fighter and Guard Heroes
Prototype Dematerializer 2.0 Bounty Deck 4 2 Gunner and Scout Heroes
Hidden Gems Bounty Deck 4 1
Timepiece Bounty Deck 4 0
Playing Catch Bounty Deck 4 2 Heroes that moved 6 or more spaces this turn.