Balthazar Bamfist

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You can purchase Balthazar Bamfist in the Privateer Press Store.

Core Stats




Stat Value
DEF 3/5

Hero Abilities

Tinker: When you equip this model or a model in your crew adjacent to it with Riot Gear, reduce the loot cost of the Riot Gear card by 2 (to a minimum of 1).
Special Action: Empower: When this model performs this action, choose another model in your crew within two spaces of it. Return two action dice spent by that model to your dice well.


Name Type Range Boost Dice Power Dice
Mecha-Fist Melee 1 3 0
Beat Back: If this model hits an enemy with this attack, after the attack is resolved, you can move the enemy model up to 2 spaces. If you do, the enemy must end this movement farther from this model than it began.

Gear Card

Shard of Rathrok


Balthazar Bamfist was released in the Core Box of the Mayhem Block.


Most of the dwarves in the Iron Kingdoms can trace their roots to the isolated mountainous homeland of Rhul, but not Bamfist. He hails from Zu, the mysterious continent far across the southern seas, and he made his way to the Iron Kingdoms after the Claiming to find his fortune. As an arcane mechanik, or "mechanomage," he is adept in both the operation and creation of mechanika, as is evidenced by how well he ferrets out treasure using his sniffer: a treasure-seeking orb,and his signature mecha-fist that packs a wallop that more than lives up to his name.


Frequently Asked Questions : Reactivation
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Q: If a Hero has two or fewer action dice on their card and Bamfist uses Special Action: Empower on them, is that character able to activate again that round?
A: Yes.