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Backgrounds available for characters in the Iron Kingdoms.


Background Source
Adventuring Scholar Into the Deep Wilds
Barber-Surgeon Borderlands and Beyond
Black Fleet Raider Nightmare Empire
Blackwater Pit Fighter Nightmare Empire
Blackwater Urchin Nightmare Empire
Broken Coast Smuggler Nightmare Empire
Champion Into the Deep Wilds
Desert Guide Borderlands and Beyond
Explorer Requiem
Fennblade Borderlands and Beyond
Greylords Convenant Requiem
Guide Into the Deep Wilds
Guttersnipe Borderlands and Beyond
Haruspices Nightmare Empire
Hunter-Gatherer Into the Deep Wilds
Investigator Requiem
Iron Fang Requiem
Kayazy Requiem
Knight Exemplar Requiem
Knights of the Prophet Requiem
Labor Boss Requiem
Maritime Order of the Trident Requiem
Mercenary Requiem
Meredius Whaler Nightmare Empire
Naval Officer Nightmare Empire
Northern Crusade Requiem
Northkin Fire Eaters Borderlands and Beyond
Order of Wizardry Requiem
Outcast Into the Deep Wilds
Outcast The Book of the East Part 1
Press-ganged Nightmare Empire
Privateer Requiem
Reborn as Eldritch Borderlands Survival Guide
Resistance Veteran Requiem
Retribution of Scyrah Requiem
Salvager Into the Deep Wilds
Scharde Diver Nightmare Empire
Searforge Trader Borderlands and Beyond
Seeker Requiem
Shipwright Nightmare Empire
Slave Caste The Book of the East Part 1
Spiritualist Into the Deep Wilds
Spy Requiem
Stormfall Archers Borderlands and Beyond
Street Necromancer Nightmare Empire
Swamp Angler Into the Deep Wilds
Swamp Chef Into the Deep Wilds
Temple Flameguard Requiem
Trader Requiem
Treasure Hunter Nightmare Empire
Trencher Requiem
Tribal Councilor Into the Deep Wilds
Urban Nomad Borderlands and Beyond
Vagabond Requiem
Warrior Caste The Book of the East Part 1
Wasteland Commando Borderlands and Beyond
Winter Guard Requiem
Witch Doctor Into the Deep Wilds
Worker Caste The Book of the East Part 1