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Attachments are additional models that can be added to squads. These models may represent officers, special weapon troopers, medics, etc., that are assigned to a squad. The attachment’s stat card determines which squads the attachment can be added to.
Each attachment has a cost modifier that is added to the Deployment Cost of the unit when it is brought into play. If the added cost is paid, the attachment is simply added to the unit when it is put into play. A squad can have more than one attachment added to it at the time it is deployed, but a squad cannot have more than one of the same attachment added to it. A squad cannot deploy with attachments that exceed the deployment cost of the available Arc on the gate it deploys from.
Attachments have SPD stats equal to the squad they are attached to.
Some squads have special rules that affect the whole squad. These rules affect the attachments that are added to the squad, even if the attachment models do not have the same special rules.
Note that squad attachments are not considered individual units and do not count toward the 15 units each player can have in their force.


Name Faction Release
Raker Aeternus Continuum Collision Course
Relikon Aeternus Continuum The Thousand Worlds
Aerolith Empyrean Collision Course
Paladin Aegis Iron Star Alliance Warcaster
Witch Hounds Iron Star Alliance The Thousand Worlds
Dragoon Gunner Marcher Worlds The Thousand Worlds
Warder Marcher Worlds Collision Course
The Quartermaster Wild Card The Thousand Worlds


Frequently Asked Questions : Multiple Attachments
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Q: Can I add two or more different attachments to a squad, for example, a Raker and The Quartermaster to the same Vassal Reavers squad?
A: Yes, you can add as many different attachments to a squad that are allowed to attach to it. Deployment Costs for the squad and all attachments are paid to deploy the unit.