Adventuring Companies (IKR)

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Find your adventuring company for friends in the Iron Kingdoms!

Adventuring Companies

Adventuring Company Source
Arcane Order Requiem
Badlands Raiders Borderlands and Beyond
Caravanners of the Iron Roads Borderlands and Beyond
Cult Assembly Requiem
Four Star Syndicate Nightmare Empire
Glimmerwood Kriel Borderlands and Beyond
Intrepid Investigators Requiem
Irregulars Into the Deep Wilds
Law Dogs Requiem
Mercarian League Traders Nightmare Empire
Mercenary Charter Requiem
Occult Bushwhackers Borderlands and Beyond
Outlaws Requiem
Pirate Crew Requiem
Posse Into the Deep Wilds
River Raiders Into the Deep Wilds
Royal Navy Nightmare Empire
Retribution Remnant Borderlands and Beyond
Seahunters Nightmare Empire
Smugglers Nightmare Empire
Slaughter Fleet Raiders Nightmare Empire
Spy Ring Requiem
Steelhead Chapter Soldiers of Fortune
The Brand of Odom Borderlands and Beyond
Wolf Sworn Into the Deep Wilds